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Danica Patrick Becomes Fastest Driver, Not Just Fastest Girl

UnknownDanica Patrick’s celebrity has always outdone her role as an athlete.  She may have wanted us to believe in her abilities as a race car driver, but instead we were swayed by her bikini photo shoots.  Well, yesterday, Danica Patrick did something that may force us to reboot our image of her as a driver.

Patrick won the pole position at the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Daytona 500 – meaning she qualified to be the polesitter (the first car) in the upcoming race by having the fastest qualifying lap.  Ok, so she didn’t actually win a race, but she beat all the boys with the fastest qualifying time and earned the top spot in the actual race.  Patrick is the first woman ever to win the pole position at the top level of NASCAR.

Danica commented on the feat stating, “I was brought up to be the fastest driver, not the fastest girl.”  Well, with that attitude many more eyeballs will be tuning in to see her race next Sunday, and maybe, she will be inspiring more women to get behind the wheel and race in circles.

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