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spglogoAfter almost two years of success with Sportsgirl, I have decided that I must put further development of the brand on hold as I move onto a new career.  Sportsgirl has been my passion and will continue to be a part of my life as I educate and encourage women to be a part of the sports dialogue of society.  I am sad that I am unable to continue to manage the brand while in my new position, but look forward to a time in the future when I may kickstart Sportsgirl again.  Thank you for your loyalty and support over the years – I hope that Sportsgirl enhanced your life and gave you tools to utilize going forward as you tap into your own inner Sportsgirl.

Unknown-1Today we woke up to the news that the most legendary owner of an NBA franchise died at 80 years of age.  Jerry Buss will always be synonymous with the Los Angeles Lakers and helped make LA the city that it is today.  He worked up and until his death from cancer and will always be a factor in the team’s decision making going forward since he created and framed the notion of success in the NBA. Here are some important facts about the man we lost:

  • From Wyoming, Jerry Buss came to LA and made his fortune from a small $1,000 investment in real estate
  • Buss purchased the Los Angeles Lakers, the LA Kings, and the Forum (where they played) in 1979 for $67.5 million – a record breaking deal.  Yet, he showed the world that he knew what he was doing by winning a championship the first year on the job, and creating an empire with ground breaking sports naming rights and television deals.  The team is now the second most valuable in the NBA at around $1 billion.
  • Buss led the lakers to 10 championship titles and easily the greatest winning percentage over his 34 years of ownership.
  • Two of his six children now run the team.
  • Buss led greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq to success on the court and the lifestyle and image of Hollywood fame off.
  • Buss was a playboy and defined the party lifestyle in LA.
  • He also owned the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks who won two titles while playing under Buss.

People love or hate the Lakers, but everyone respected Jerry Buss.  Whether you are into winning, partying, business, loyalty, family, or Hollywood, Buss had a little something for everyone.  He will be missed.

UnknownDanica Patrick’s celebrity has always outdone her role as an athlete.  She may have wanted us to believe in her abilities as a race car driver, but instead we were swayed by her bikini photo shoots.  Well, yesterday, Danica Patrick did something that may force us to reboot our image of her as a driver.

Patrick won the pole position at the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Daytona 500 – meaning she qualified to be the polesitter (the first car) in the upcoming race by having the fastest qualifying lap.  Ok, so she didn’t actually win a race, but she beat all the boys with the fastest qualifying time and earned the top spot in the actual race.  Patrick is the first woman ever to win the pole position at the top level of NASCAR.

Danica commented on the feat stating, “I was brought up to be the fastest driver, not the fastest girl.”  Well, with that attitude many more eyeballs will be tuning in to see her race next Sunday, and maybe, she will be inspiring more women to get behind the wheel and race in circles.

Nike’s ad featuring admired South African olympian, Oscar Pistorius (aka Blade Runner), hit a bit too close to home today with its slogan: “I am the bullet in the chamber.”  Pistorius, who challenged the Olympic committee so that he could compete against able-bodied runners despite being a double amputee, won the hearts of Olympic fans everywhere when he debuted on the world stage at the London 2012 Olympics.  He failed to medal against the able-bodied 400m sprinters, but he garnered the most fan support for his efforts and abilities.  Unfortunately, his perfect sponsorship image is now in serious jeopardy.


Yesterday, Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in their home.  She was shot twice and died on the scene.  Some initial reports claim that Pistorius may have mistaken Reeva for an intruder and he is known to have a paranoia regarding the safety of his home.  Others are claiming that they heard a domestic dispute prior to the shooting.  Pistorius will appear in court today, where, hopefully, more of this story will become clear.

However, the law graduate, model, and host, Reeva Steenkamp will be missed and another praised athlete, the Blade Runner, has a smudge and a potentially devastating stain on his record.

NBA teams smartly market special edition jerseys that are worn a few games a year.  Typically, those jerseys are replicas in shape and fit to the team’s regular jerseys, yet of a different color.  However, the Golden State Warriors (no, don’t be embarrassed if you have never heard of them – they are arguably the most irrelevant NBA team…until now) have taken a different approach.


The Warriors teamed up with Adidas to design the first modern NBA short-sleeve jersey.  The jersey looks like something a soccer player would wear, but is designed for the range of motion of basketball players.  Adidas felt that doing something innovative with the Warriors made the most sense since the Golden State itself is the heart of innovation.  Adidas plans to make more short-sleeve jerseys for other teams in the future.

The man in my life commended the fashion feat saying it might be a more wearable design for fans.  Sure, the short sleeves help cover up that nasty underarm and chest hair, but I don’t recommend any average Joe sporting this jersey (or any other jersey) in public.  That would surely be a fashion miss.