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Wimbledon 2012 Begins…Hope You Have Fresh Strawberries In The Fridge

Wimbledon is a classic tennis tournament in England that sports fans and non-fans have looked forward to for over one hundred years.  It is one of the tennis Grand Slams, a major tournament, and probably the most prestigious of the bunch.  Here are some fun facts about the tournament itself and what to look for in Wimbledon 2012:

  • Wimbledon is the only major tournament still played on grass, giving players with a hard fast serve a serious advantage.
  • You can’t go to Wimbledon or watch a match without eating your fair share of strawberries and cream.  So hit up the local farmer stand for your strawberries and bring out the cool whip!
  • Roger Federer is looking for his seventh win at Wimbledon (to tie Pete Sampras’ record), but the superstar hasn’t won a major in over two years!  Interestingly, it is still such a close race between Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal, that if one of them wins the title (which we know is the safe bet) they will walk away with the number one world ranking.
  • On the women’s side, Maria Sharapova, has the momentum after winning the French Open (on clay, her least favorite surface).  Sharapova loves the grass at Wimbledon and hopes to relive the glory days of being just 17 years old and winning Wimbledon to make her mark on the tennis (and advertising) world.
  • The sleepers: Look for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Milos Raonic on the men’s side and Li Na and Angelique Kerber on the women’s to make their mark, or grass stain, in 2012.  Raonic has an incredible serve and Tsonga upset Federer last year at Wimbledon.  Na is always a threat with her great movement on the court and Kerber is an up and coming challenger to the top women’s players.
  • Angelique Kerber

  • Lastly, make sure to get your white dress to the cleaners ASAP, because Wimbledon has a dress code similar to the P. Diddy all-white party.  Players better not even think of wearing black for a slimmer look, because in 1963 Wimbledon made it official – wear white or boycott the tournament.
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