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NBA Playoffs 2012: A Recap Of What You Missed While You Were Enjoying The Sunshine


It is that time of year where the weather is turning and it is just beautiful being outside.  You cant help but want to savor every minute of your free time tanning and smelling the flowers.  Yet, the sports gods have unfortunately planned the NBA playoffs to kickoff this week making it quite difficult to turn on the television and forego the sunshine.  For those who caught some rays instead of the ESPN highlight reels here is what you need to know about the NBA playoffs going into the work week:

  • The Final Rose: The Chicago Bulls dominated the Philadelphia 76ers in game one of their series, but lost their Rose in the process.  Derrick Rose, the point guard superstar of the Bulls, was poised to lead the Bulls to their first NBA championship since the Michael Jordan era.  Unfortunately, that dream will be put on hold as Rose went down in game one tearing his A.C.L.  He is out for the rest of the season, therefore making the path to the title a bit easier for the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. 
  • Thunder-Storms At The Buzzer: At the beginning of the NBA regular season Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder hit a buzzer-beater shot to beat the reigning NBA champs Dallas Mavericks.  Coincidentally, the Thunder and the Mavs were matched up again in the first round of the 2012 NBA playoffs and once again Durant caught the Mavs on their heels by hitting another buzzer beater to win the game.  The Mavs should know never to make the same mistake twice! 
  • Deficit, What?!:  The Los Angeles Clippers were down as much as 27 points to the Memphis Grizzlies (and 21 points going into the fourth quarter) in game one of their playoff series.  With a deficit like that star players were put on the bench to rest and prevent injury, and fans at home channel surfed to watch something more compelling.  Then Clippers star Chris Paul begged his coach to put him back in the game and he proved him right.  Paul led his team to an astonishing comeback to beat the Grizzlies 99-98! As Journey put it, “Don’t Stop Believing.”
  • Recreating Magic: Andrew Bynum of the Los Angeles Lakers had a surprisingly great performance against the Denver Nuggets in the first game of their playoff series.  Bynum has always been the younger little brother of the Lakers, always being overshadowed by Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.  Bryant put down a solid 31 points in this game, but it was Bynum who was magical on the defensive end of the court.  Bynum had 10 points, 10 blocked shots, and 13 rebounds in the 103-88 win. This triple double (hitting double digits in points, blocks, and rebounds) was the first Lakers playoff triple double in 21 years since Magic Johnson accomplished the feat in the 1991 NBA finals.  Did Bynum have a one-time “magical” performance or is he coming into his own?
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