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Will Sleeves Be The Next NBA Fashion Hit Or Miss?

NBA teams smartly market special edition jerseys that are worn a few games a year.  Typically, those jerseys are replicas in shape and fit to the team’s regular jerseys, yet of a different color.  However, the Golden State Warriors (no, don’t be embarrassed if you have never heard of them – they are arguably the most irrelevant NBA team…until now) have taken a different approach.


The Warriors teamed up with Adidas to design the first modern NBA short-sleeve jersey.  The jersey looks like something a soccer player would wear, but is designed for the range of motion of basketball players.  Adidas felt that doing something innovative with the Warriors made the most sense since the Golden State itself is the heart of innovation.  Adidas plans to make more short-sleeve jerseys for other teams in the future.

The man in my life commended the fashion feat saying it might be a more wearable design for fans.  Sure, the short sleeves help cover up that nasty underarm and chest hair, but I don’t recommend any average Joe sporting this jersey (or any other jersey) in public.  That would surely be a fashion miss.

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