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Gotta Love Those Hot Upton Curves On The Cover Of the 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue

Kate Upton has done it again using her voluptuous body to snag the 2013 cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  This is the first time for a supermodel to score back-to-back covers of the issue since Tyra Banks did it in 1996-97.


The theme of the issue is seven continents.  Upton’s shot was done in Antarctica and she was the only model sent there, because apparently her curves would come through in the photos if they needed to cover her up a bit due to the cold. Fortunately for us all, not much was covered up – even though she probably shows less skin on the cover than most of the models in the magazine (remember last year’s barely there bikini?!).

SI gets props for conducting the first ever fashion photo-shoot in Antarctica and, more importantly, not being afraid to put a girl with curves on the cover.

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