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Think You Had A Bad Day? Not quite. Lindsey Vonn’s Was Way Worse

imagesSure, it is cold and dreary and it is only Tuesday, but trust me your day was not worse than U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn’s nightmarish afternoon.  One of the faces of the U.S. Olympic team, and maybe the hottest face in the red, white, and blue, hit the slopes today  for the world championships in Schladming, Austria.  Things were looking good as she started taking her first turns around the flags then, it all went down…

(hope you turned down the volume on that one and just enjoyed the priceless expressions…)

Vonn was airlifted to a local hospital where she reportedly tore her ACL and MCL, and broke a bone in her shin.  With her knee in shambles, Lindsey will be cooped up in a hospital for the near future eating goulash and wiener schnitzel.  Initial reports say that she should make a full recovery in time for the 2014 winter Olympics, which begin a year from now.

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