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Highlights From Super Bowl XLVII

In case you missed last night’s Super Bowl because (a) you were enjoying beautiful Sunday sunshine or (b) you were too busy stuffing your face, here is what you may have  missed:

  • The Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31, but will be better known for almost losing the game allowing the 49ers to get back in it after being down 28-6.
  • The 49ers owe their comeback not only to dark horse youngin’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but also the 35 minute blackout delay in the Superdome.  This Super Bowl once known as the Harbaugh bowl (because the head coaches are brothers) will now be remembered as the Blackout Bowl. Unknown
  • The blackout is being blamed on either the fact that the city of New Orleans still hasn’t recovered from Katrina or as a mechanism for New Orleans Saints fans to get revenge on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his sanctions on the team this season as a response to Bountygate.  Yet, here was my favorite tweet re the blackout: Jon Sukarangsan ‏‪– “Next time my girlfriend is winning an argument, I’ll just throw the circuit breaker and give it 35 minutes ‪#superbowl47”
  • Joe Flacco, the QB for the Baltimore Ravens, won the MVP award.  Yet, he will likely be better known long term for getting overpaid as he renegotiates his contract next season.  He is likely to receive top dollar at approximately $20 million per season, when he is classified as a good, but not great QB. images-1
  • The commercials were a disappointment, but the top awards go to Go Daddy’s Perfect Match and Samsung’s Next Big Thing.  What was your favorite?
  • Beyonce was a hit – and as far as we know she didn’t lip sync the entire show.  The highlight was the reunion of Destiny’s Child with renditions of “Bootylicious” and “Independent Woman.”  Yet, unfortunately for Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, they are only going to be Beyonce’s backup dancers in the long term. images

Now that you have your Sundays back, take the time to visualize Beyonce’s body onstage just one year after giving birth to Blue Ivy.  With all this free time you should get yourself one of those leather leotards to squeeze into by the start of the 2013 NFL season.

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