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Sloane Stephens Beats Idol Serena, Yet Uses Win To Promote Self On Twitter

Meet Sloane Stephens – Serena Williams’ little sister…


No, they aren’t related, but they sure do have a lot in common as African American teen tennis phenoms.  The difference is Sloane always idolized Serena and has just taken a large step to dethroning her role model.

Sloane upset Serena yesterday in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open 3-6, 7-5, 6-4.  The momentum of the match went back and forth like the ball across the net, but it was Stephens who appeared to be the more mature competitor ready for the next step.  Serena was up to her usual antics of intense frustration, including breaking a racket on the court, while Sloane stayed composed even when Serena took an injury break for her back.  The pressure didn’t phase Sloane and she is therefore getting the win and opportunity to knock out her idol en route to the semifinals to face the number one seed in the world, Victoria Azarenka.


Despite her talent and composure, you’d think that after beating the all-time greatest black American tennis player on the world stage that Sloane would be at a loss for words over her accomplishment. Instead, Sloane showed she is still a teenager claiming after the loss that she hopes to have more twitter followers!  She clearly is succeeding in the social media universe, because in April 2012 she only had 5,000 followers and was reported as aiming to have 30,000 by the end of the year – a lofty goal.  Well, as of today, Sloane is pushing 45,000 followers, an accomplishment, but in my opinion, one that should be a footnote to her win over legendary Serena.

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