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Air Jordan XX8: Fashion Or Function

Even men have a thing for shoes.  The Air Jordan collection – basketball shoes designed by Nike since Michael Jordan began his career in the NBA – have become a collectable for ballers on and off the court.  Yesterday, Nike release the Air Jordan XX8, the 28th shoe of the series, to mixed reviews.

The shoe, when zipped up, resembles something you would wear with a wet suit.  However, once its outer shell is peeled back the bright neon design of the shoe is revealed.

The shoe is light and apparently a high performance basketball shoe – Russell Westbrook will debut the shoe on the court tonight as the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Brooklyn Nets.  Yet, will the shoe’s skills outweigh its design flaws?  It’s hard not to think that the shoe is going through the molting process when being unzipped.

The shoe retails for $250.  Will the public consider it a perfect mix of haute couture and function? Or, a basketball shoe worthy of hitting the court, but not the club?

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