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Kris Humphries Gets Last Laugh Against Celtics

Kris Humphries was railed by the powerhouse Kardashians, but he managed to get the last laugh on the court last night when his team, the Brooklyn Nets, toppled their Atlantic Division rivals 95-83.

Humphries fouled Celtics’ big man Kevin Garnett, and in response, Celtics little tough guy, Rajon Rondo, charged after him.  Check out the fight that insued:

The fight resulted in the ejection of Nets players Humphries and Gerald Wallace and Celtics player Rajon Rondo shortly before halftime. Fortunately for Humphries, Wallace came to his rescue when he was attacked by the smallest player on the court…

Although no one is calling Humphries the tough guy from the hood after this brawl, he doesn’t care since his team took the win and made its mark on the Celtics’ radar.  The Nets have not been a contender in the division in this generation of ballers so beating the Celtics twice this season (something that they have not accomplished in five years) put more fear in Boston than the brawl did for Brooklyn.

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