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Post-assault, Solo Should Question Hope To Marry Fiance Stevens

Hope Solo may have too much “hope” for success in her planned marriage to Jerramy Stevens.  Solo was scheduled to marry the former NFLer yesterday before their relationship turned bloody.

Police broke up a party early Monday morning where they found evidence to arrest Stevens for fourth-degree domestic violence assault.  Court documents reveal that Solo had suffered a cut to her elbow.  The charge was ultimately dropped, but could be brought later if police find additional evidence.

The pair met only two months ago and applied for a marriage license last Thursday.  They were scheduled to marry Tuesday until they ended up in a courtroom instead.  The argument between Solo and Stevens apparently centered around whether they should settle in Washington or Florida after their marriage.  Clearly, something they should have discussed prior to agreeing to spend their lives together…It is unclear whether the couple will still tie the knot, but some reports claim the duo went straight from the courtroom to the church.

Stevens has a significant history of criminal activity.  Yet he was able to evade any serious repercussions allegedly due to his athletic ability. (A prized athlete can’t get locked up when he is needed on the field…)  Solo may have never even been aware of her fiance’s past. But, an orange jumpsuit on her wedding day may be a sign to get out before death do they part.

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