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NFL Weekend Recap: Let’s Get YOU Completely Out Of The Dark

Since you probably have your power back, here is a recap of this week’s NFL news to get you completely out of the dark:

  • Luck/Manning: Creepily, after this weekend’s games, Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback who controversially replaced Peyton Manning, has the exact same amount of passing yards as his predecessor: 2404 yards.  Moreover, both the Colts and Manning’s Denver Broncos have a 5-3 record!  The Colts still got the raw end of the deal for 2012-13, because Manning has a significantly higher QB rating, but they are on track with a bright QB future.  Seems like the stars are aligned for Luck. 
  • Rodgers In Primetime: Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers led his team to victory Sunday against Arizona then shined in primetime on “60 Minutes.”  Here is the segment:
  • What I learned?  Rodgers looks just as good with his helmet off and the hits he has taken in the NFL haven’t roughed up his edges – his teammates highlight his sensitivity…
  • Atlanta is Hot Hot Hot or Not Not Not: The Atlanta Falcons are now 8-0 – the only undefeated team in the NFL.  Yet, the team, like the city, is still invisible on our radar.  Do the Falcons need Housewife Nene to get them on the national map?
  • MNF: Tune in tonight to the New Orleans Saints versus the Philadelphia Eagles.  Both teams have failed expectations this season and are looking to get back on track….8:30 ESPN.
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