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Public Opinion: Jay Cutler Is Most Hated QB, with Tony Romo A Close Second

It’s safe to say that the quarterback matchup in tonight’s football game, between the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears (both 2nd in their divisions), is the hottest event for a Monday – both on and off the field.

Tony Romo (Dallas) and Jay Cutler (Chicago) both have the goods, but are feeling the pressure to perform on all stages.  These QBs have left their cities and fans wanting more over the last several years, with undelivered playoff expectations and disappointing public celebrity relationship decisions – Romo with Jessica Simpson and Cutler with baby momma Kristin Cavallari.  Tonight’s showdown on a national stage will have each of these QBs feeling the pressure – to perform and also not end up the most hated QB in the NFL.

Cutler gets no sympathy for looking so apathetic, while Romo just seems to laugh it all off despite the millions his owner keeps pouring into the idea that he will bring him a Super Bowl title.  Tonight the Chicago mob faces the Texan Cowboy…tune in at 8:30 PM on ESPN to see whether deep dish will swallow BBQ.

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