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One Small Step for the MLB; One Giant Leap Backward for San Francisco

The MLB drug testing program (which underwent changes in 2012) must be working since drug related player suspensions are at a low in 2012.  However, the San Francisco Giants have yet to go full-steam ahead on the “clean” bandwagon.

Two players on the 2012 Giants roster have been suspended this season for drug use.  Guillermo Mota was suspended for 100 games in May and is expected to return to play just as Melky Cabrera will be suspended for 50 games.  Cabrera was suspended Wednesday for prohibited levels of testosterone in his system.  He will miss the rest of the season and likely be unable to participate in the playoffs (if the Giants make it that far). It was just last month that Cabrera played in the MLB All-Star game and was awarded MVP after an incredible performance amongst the best of the best in the League. Cabrera has accepted his suspension and will not appeal the decision.

Cabrera and Mota are two of the four major league players to have been suspended for drug use this season.  Yet there have been 70 minor league player suspensions for prohibited drug use.  Is the MLB doing enough to level the playing field?  Are players deterred by these types of suspensions for drug use?  Only time will tell…but for now Giants fans will not be going the “Melky Way.”

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