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Linsanity Is Likely Over In NYC, But Backup Kidd May Be Too Childish To Start

When Linsanity hit the big apple with the amazing breakthrough performances of no-name NBAer from Harvard, Jeremy Lin, Knicks fans believed that they had found a starting point guard for the next generation.  Linsanity took the city by storm and he backed it up on the court.  Yet, sources are now reporting that the New York Knicks organization is unwilling to match the Houston Rocket’s offer to Lin – $25M+ over three years – meaning that Lin is likely headed to the Lone Star state.

While Linsanity will become Lin-insanity to some, most Knicks fans are probably relieved that the team did not commit the big bucks to Lin.  Even Knicks player, Carmelo Anthony, called Houston’s offer “ridiculous.”  Whether the offer is ridiculous or not, the Knicks management have reportedly decided to not only refrain from taking the risk on Lin who still needs to prove himself long term and overcome a knee injury, but also avoid a luxury tax payment for violating the salary cap rules of the NBA.  (If an NBA team pays its players more than a predetermined amount per season, it pays a tax for going over the limit.  With the Knicks’ current salary structure, they would have had to pay $30M in 2014-15 alone for Lin!)

Unfortunately, the backup the Knicks signed to the point guard position, Jason Kidd, a 10-time all-star meant to be the big brother mentor to his teammates, was arrested in the Hamptons today for a DWI.  Kidd, who recently purchased a $6M house in Water Mill was arrested this morning after hitting a telephone pole in his Cadillac.  Oddly, he was alone in the car, but had been at an event with his wife.  (Wonder what his second rendezvous of the evening was all about…)  Hopefully, Kidd can grow up during the rest of the offseason and learn to step into his big boy shoes when he begins leading the Knicks in 2012-13.

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