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Pine Tar May Be Good For Breakouts, But It’s A No-No On The Baseball Mound

Who knew that pine tar is a common cure for rosacea and eczema? Not me.  Who knew that pine tar is banned substance for MLB pitchers? Not me.  Well, when I was putting it on my face last night with my exclusive new skin cream, Joel Peralta of the Tampa Bay Rays was getting ejected for having it in his mitt.

Peralta a pitcher for the Rays stepped onto the mound in last night’s Rays versus Washington Nationals matchup, but was escorted off before ever throwing a pitch.  Nationals manager, Davey Johnson, asked the umpire to check Peralta’s mitt for pine tar.  Johnson had received a tip that Peralta used the substance since he used to play with Nationals’ players in their minor league system.  Sure enough, there was a significant amount of pine tar in his glove and Peralta was ejected from the game and is facing a possible 10 game suspension from MLB.  Pine tar is permitted in limited uses for batting purposes, but not for pitchers as it may unfairly improve grip and there is a League rule banning it in pitching circumstances where it may come into contact with the ball.

Peralta denied using the substance for any sort of competitive advantage.  His manager, Joe Maddon claimed the move by Johnson was “insider trading” and Johnson responded calling Maddon a “weird wuss.”  (This feels like a battle of insults from Wall Street versus Main Street!)  Tampa Bay still won the game 5-4 and the teams will battle it out again tonight!

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