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Cell Phones Distract Those On The Golf Course And At The Dinner Table

It is so irritating when our husbands won’t stop emailing on their blackberrys during dinner, our bosses text during a meeting, and our kids play Angry Birds, uh…nonstop.  So it totally makes sense why Phil Mickelson withdrew from the Memorial golf tournament last weekend.

Mickelson claimed “mental fatigue” after scoring a 79 on the first round (a shameful score for one of the top pros of our generation).  However, it has since been revealed that on the 6th hole Mickelson texted the PGA Tour Commissioner, Tim Finchem, complaining about the lack of policing of cell phones on the course.  Mickelson, of course, felt entitled to use his phone, but was aggravated that fans were able to distract him and other golfers with their devices.  Other golfers also complained about fan cellphones claiming that fans continuously take photos with their phones while the golfers are mid-swing.

Course rules state that fans are permitted to bring in their phones to the course as long as they have them on vibrate and use them in designated areas.  Well, you aren’t supposed to email at dinner or play with your apps at church.  Since cell phone etiquette has become as meaningless as a birthday wish on facebook, the PGA Tour may have to tighten up its cell phone enforcement so that the game isn’t compromised, while fans are not forced to be cut off from reality with cell phone confiscation.

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