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Odd Clips from the 2012 Australian Open

When I am frustrated and stressed I bite my nails or have a glass of wine. But, tennis player Marcos Baghdatis took a different route to blow off some steam during his recent match.  Check out this video and be happy you aren’t one of these rackets:

Then, Andy Roddick was quoted comparing himself, and other tennis players, to the band U2.  Apparently, Roddick believes that he should be able to decide for himself when to play tennis, just like U2 decides when they want to go on tour.  Aside from the illogical logistical nature of his statement, doesn’t Roddick realize that U2 is one of the greatest bands of all-time and he is one of the greatest tennis disappointments? Roddick’s biggest accomplishment is marrying Brooklyn Decker, especially since he hasn’t won a tournament in the last decade or so… 

And, to cap it all off, Serena Williams has decided to ask the tournament officials to schedule her matches during the day, unless of course she is in the finals.  Williams can’t stand playing at night when the bugs are out.

What is the tennis community coming to? Is there something in the Aussie water?

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