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NFL Quickie: Here is Your NFL Weekend Rundown for Today’s Watercooler

What you need to know….

  • Giants Take Down the Pack: The New York Giants stunned the defending champion, Green Bay Packers, in Wisconsin on Sunday.  The Giants now head to the NFC Championship game in San Francisco against the 49ers.  Could the 2007-08 Giants be back and on their way to tackle the Pats? 
  • Tebow-mania has ended…for now: Tim Tebow finally hit a wall and couldn’t lead his Denver Broncos past the New England Patriots.  Tebow’s NFL season may be over, but will he now be an on-air personality?  CBS has offered Tebow the opportunity to be an on-air analyst for the Conference championship games and are awaiting a response.  Will he keep the mania going?
  • At Least Miss America Still Loves Rodgers: The cheeseheads of Wisconsin are a bit down on their QB Aaron Rodgers who couldn’t win a playoff game after winning the Super Bowl.  But fortunately for the NFL QB, Miss America – formerly Miss Wisconsin – is there to pick him back up…Miss America, crowned Saturday night, is asking Rodgers to call her.  Even with the loss, life ain’t too shabby for an NFL QB – nothing like Miss America to redeem your self-esteem. 
  • AFC Championship: The last teams standing in the AFC conference are the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots.  The two teams will battle it out Sunday, but expect the Pats to move on to the big dance.  The Pats have controlled the Ravens in the past and they should do so again to make another Super Bowl run.
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