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Rebranded Marlins Try to Fit in with Sexy Downtown Miami Culture

The 2011 MLB season ended and so did the Florida Marlins franchise – as we know it.  In preparation for the 2012 season, the Florida Marlins have rebranded themselves as the Miami Marlins.  The team is moving from a suburban stadium to one in downtown Miami with the hope of increasing their fan base and raising revenue.  Along with the move, the execs went all out with the name change and a logo change.  Here is the old logo:

And the new:

The Marlins organization (and their image consultant) hoped that the change would create a strong connection to the Miami community.  The colors are meant to symbolize the Miami sunshine, sunsets, sea, and citrus industry. Unfortunately, approval ratings are low.  Clearly, the branding ain’t that sexy….Hopefully, the team can boost its popularity with its play on the field.

Here are some other company branding changes that the Marlins should have had their image consultant note in their research:Apple: The change to the apple and colored rainbow signaled the company’s progress towards color graphics on the Apple II.

Nike: Thankfully, Nike eventually realized that the intersection of the name and the swoosh was bad for branding.


Pepsi’s red, white, and blue was quite patriotic during WWII!

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