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Sounds like Maybe T.O. Should Stick to Reality T.V.

Who knows whether “The T.O. Show” actually makes Terrell Owens any money or just covers his lavish lifestyle for the footage, but it may be T.O.’s only way to bring home the bacon.  

37-year-old Owens is a free agent (not signed by any NFL team), but hoping to re-enter the NFL after recovering from ACL surgery last April.  T.O. and his agent hyped up his workout this week by inviting all 32 NFL teams to attend and convincing ESPN and NFL Network to televise the affair.  Sadly, not one NFL team showed up to watch the workout…

Is T.O.’s NFL career officially dead? His agent claims that there is interest in signing the veteran, but will a team want to pay Owens the big bucks when he may just be a washed up reality star?  T.O. could likely add value to an NFL team and score some touchdowns…I mean what 37-year-old has abs like that?!  His physique is like that of an athletic Abercrombie & Fitch model, but does he have enough other talents to make a comeback?

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